Terraces Solana

Life Works Naturally Here


Urban Conveniences and Lush, Green Surroundings

Stunning views, luxuriant outdoor space, and rich amenities are the ideal backdrop for this high-performance business landscape. People do more than just work here — they experience, dine and stay.


Million Square Feet

Redesigned open spaces geared toward collaborating and connecting


Building Campus

Updated campus environment offers unparalleled conveniences


Build-To-Suit Acres

Existing first-class amenities and premium space to build your business

The Property

A Reimagined Way to Work, Inside and Out

Terrace understands the modern office extends beyond your desk. We offer beautiful collaborative spaces to stretch your legs and meet with your team or clients in comfort.

In addition to a Class A office environment, the Terrace campus is lush with courtyards and manicured lawns offering tenants a natural respite throughout the workday as well as spaces to hold outdoor meetings.

Our promise to you.

At every property we manage you’ll find us there giving you the highest level of service and our wealth of experience. This experience extends to the care we have for your health and safety, and the best-in-class processes we employ to help you succeed.

‘Passionate’ is one way you might describe us. We are passionate about people and about creating communities with inspiring spaces that allow your business and employees to thrive.


The Perfect Suburban Office Neighborhood

The new amenities are top notch and the attentiveness of the staff were both key factors in our decision to expand our corporate footprint here at the Terraces.