High performance corporate landscape

Rich amenities and luxuriant outdoor space create the ideal backdrop for Solana’s high-performance business landscape – providing everything employees need, on and off the clock.

Solana Fitness
The Solana Fitness Club, a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art fitness center operated by Larry North Fitness, offers an extensive list of wellness amenities, including sports courts, swimming pools and massage therapists.
With its 15 conference rooms, restaurant and bar, a complimentary shuttle to DFW Airport and on-site Starbucks, the boutique-style Marriott hotel is an ideal spot for business travelers.
Casual sit-down and take-out options include: La Scala Pizzeria, Mar-Cosina and Hollywood Burger. Additional offerings can be found at The Marriott, such as SGR, Solana Greatroom and Starbucks.
Outdoor seating provides Solana’s tenants with the opportunity to meet in the lush natural environment of the office park. The mature live oaks create shaded spaces that are pleasant for tenants to enjoy while working or taking a break.
The current and expanding retail options offered at Solana provide tenants with the opportunity to do more than just work. Tenants can also shop at the nearby Southlake Town Square which accommodates more than 100 retailers.
An on-site park, 2.5-mile outdoor jogging trail and coy ponds encourage tenants to feel connected with nature. Solana was designed by architect Ricardo Legorretta to engage the surrounding natural environment of hills and trees.
Solana’s 24/7 security staff provides tenants with a safe environment to not only work, but also to dine, to shop and to exercise.
A complimentary campus shuttle service allows tenants to travel quickly to the other offices, restaurants and retail stores within the Solana office park.
The 15 conference spaces available at the Marriott hotel grants companies the luxury of hosting large conference events on-site with both in-town and out-of-town guests.
Solana Amenities
The presence of the on-site management staff at Solana provides tenants with personal service and consistency. Cushman & Wakefield has managed Solana for decades. Their on-site management is dedicated to ensuring that tenants enjoy all of the benefits of working at Solana.
Our parking structures provide tenants with a safe and secure place to store their vehicle during the workday. Solana has excellent parking ratios of up to 7:1,000 square feet.
The thriving cities of Westlake and Southlake offer strong and dense employee bases in incredible communities. Please visit the Westlake and Southlake websites for more information about these premier areas.
Coming Soon to The Vista and The Terrace.